Give the Gift of Language

Are you are looking for a unique and original gift?

One that offers a great experience, personal growth and development of skills? If so, then our Language Course Gift Vouchers could be the solution.

A language course makes a useful and highly original present for any friend/relative/partner who is interested in learning or brushing up a foreign language, or who has got their sights set on foreign travel in the new year. There are over 20 languages to choose from at inlingua Edinburgh, and lots of ways to learn – evening courses, intensive programmes, business courses or even tailor-made tuition.

If you’d prefer to leave the choice of language and programme to your loved one, our gift vouchers are available to buy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are They For

Our Gift Vouchers are a memorable and special present that could be given for Christmas, graduations or even weddings. Or even just to say thank you, well done, or congratulations so someone in your life. The vouchers can be given to anyone with an interest in learning a language, or improving their current skills. If you know someone who is considering moving abroad for work, or someone who has a partner from another country, this is the perfect gift.

How Can They Be Used?

Our Gift Vouchers can be spent on any of the inlingua Language courses including: evening group lessons or private language tuition. There is a wide range of options and languages (more than 20!) to choose from so whether the recipient wants to improve their Spanish and surfing in Costa Rica, take some one-to-one Russian classes at their place of work, or study French in the evenings, our vouchers can be used for all of these options. To redeem your gift voucher, simply fill in our dedicated form and our admin team will be in touch.

How Much Are They?

Our vouchers are available in a variety of denominations from £10 to £500 and can be also be used a part-payment towards a course of greater value. They are valid for a full 12 months which gives the recipient lots of time to decide exactly what they want to do. Simply fill in the form below to order your gift voucher.

Redeem Gift Voucher

If you wish to redeem a gift voucher, use our dedicated form instead.

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Redeem your Gift Voucher!

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To redeem your voucher and use it on any of our English or language courses, just fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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