30 Reasons to come to Edinburgh!

There are many reasons why coming to live in Edinburgh is an experience you will never forget. Great food, stunning views, relaxed lifestyle, a student city, festivals and incredible nightlife. What more could you want?

Scotland’s towns, villages, cities, iconic attractions and stunning landscapes are as varied and as diverse as they come, so no matter where you end up you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking setting around you.

Because when you live in Edinburgh, you lose all sense of perspective - “Isn’t it normal to have a gigantic 12th century castle in the middle of the city?”

Because this is the city centre! This is the view just 10 minutes away from Princes Street. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Because you know you couldn't live without your weekly Sunday brunch from Toast in Marchmont.

Because you’re never more than a 40 minute bus journey away from scenery like this.

Because this is where you go out to eat. Famous restaurants at the Shore include The Kitchin, Fishers in the City, Martin Wishart, and, of course, Pizza Express.

Because the streets are on another level.

Because the parks are truly magical - Princes Street Gardens, Calton Hill, Blackford Hill, The Meadows, Inverleith Park… you’re spoiled for choice.

…and you’re never far from the water. Edinburgh is criss-crossed with waterways. It's basically Venice, but cold.

Because this is a club. Until you've partied in a haunted vault, you haven't partied at all.

Because once a year, the whole world comes to us. The International Festival is spectacular. Who needs to travel when you have hundreds of cultural events on your doorstep every August?

Because you’d feel weird if you couldn’t climb to the top of an extinct volcano.

Because even the train-station roof is insanely beautiful. An all-glass train-station roof was a bold move, but it totally paid off

Because our shopping centres know their place.

Because Newhaven! Newhaven is basically heaven with better seafood.

Because the Forth Rail bridge never fails to take your breath away.

Because the outdoor art is dazzling. A field of light in the city centre? Why not.

Because our food shops are packed to the rafters.

Because the vintage shops are second to none. Armstrong's is basically second-hand clothes Narnia.

Because there are hidden gems down every side street.

Because this is your gym. "Hey look, someone left a buch of countryside in the middle of the city".

Because it’s home to the best, most dangerous bookshop in the world.

Because Halloween isn’t Halloween. It’s Samhuinn. What’s the point of living in a city that doesn’t throw an odd pagan festival at least twice a year?

Because New Year in Edinburgh is beyond spectacular.

Because winter has never looked so beautiful. Dean village is perfection, and just a stone's throw from Princes Street

Seriously, SO beautiful. This is what you get to look at while you trail up and down Princes Street doing your Christmas shopping.

Because all Christmas markets should look like this.

Edinburgh boasts some of the very best clubs and music venues around. Cabaret Voltaire, Electric Circus, Sneaky Pete’s, Opium, Studio 24, The Opal Lounge, The Hive… whatever you’re into, you’re going to have a real good time.

Not a fan of clubbing? What about comedy? Iconic, intimate comedy venue The Stand has hosted almost every comedian worth watching over the years- from Billy Connolly to Stewart Lee.

And if you get bored of the theatre, you can always go panda spotting instead. Edinburgh is home to the only pair of pandas in the UK- Yang Guang and Tian Tian

With so many fun activities to choose from, is it any wonder Edinburgh is the UK’s “happiest city’”? In a 2013 Office of National Statistics survey, Edinburgh came top of the UK’s ten largest cities for well-being and happiness.